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Liquid carbon dioxide tanks

 Liquid Carbon Dioxide Tank 

Carbon dioxide is widely used in the food industry. Carbon dioxide is used in the beverage industry to carbonate non-alcoholic beverages. Liquid carbon dioxide is widely used for freezing meat, poultry, vegetables, and fruits.

Other uses of carbon dioxide:

Welding: as protective gas and cheaper than argon and helium

Pharmaceutical industry: production of urea, carbonate, bicarbonate and sodium silicate

Oil recovery: This gas is injected into the oil wells, which can act as a compression agent and reduce the viscosity of the oil, which makes the oil move faster into the ground and flow to the extraction wells.

Dry ice: Dry ice is used in many industries, including: Ice blast, in fire extinguishers, degreaser and sediment remover, removing damage caused by hail, exterminating rodents, freezing the skin, slimming, to remove warts, cloud fertility, cleaning tankers and…

Carbon dioxide laser for metal cutting

Liquid carbonic gas tanks are designed and built in fixed or mobile form and under vacuum and non-vacuum insulation conditions.

The production of these tanks from one ton to 100 tons is possible in Vira Makhzan Khazar Company.

 Liquid Carbon Dioxide Tank